A few things about the whole Richard Sherman kerfuffle: 

1) He and Michael Crabtree have had an ongoing beef going back at least to last summer

2) Literally less than 20 - 30min before the post game interview, Sherman and Crabtree had just had an on field altercation, and according to Sherman, another one minutes after the game

3) Also, literally less than 10min before the interview, Sherman had just made the winning deflection (in a close game) that ensured his team will go to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl. As in, lifetime achievement realized. So yeah, he was amped up. Remember, while Sherman was speaking to Erin Andrews, he was very specifically addressing Crabtree: “I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me.

4) Without touching too much on all of the racism set off by “big, scary Black man *terrifying* little blonde White woman,” Richard Sherman is hardly a “thug” (if you simply have to talk smack about Sherman, at least try to use more clever racial code words) Sherman graduated 2nd from his high school, scored 1400/1600 on the S.A.T. and is a Stanford University graduate with a communications degree

note: Sherman never stopped making eye contact with the camera, spoke clearly, never cursed, and answered clearly the questions he was asked. While his bravado was genuine, Sherman knew exactly what he was doing - amping up his Seattle fans, ensuring some guest spots on upcoming talk shows, and perhaps getting a cover deal for the next Sports Illustrated and Madden game (or WWE?). IMHO

The problem here is, America has been deeply conditioned to view Black  people, particularly Black men, in a very narrow spectrum: smiling buffoon (who may also be a criminal) or angry thug (who is definitely a criminal) Or maybe a ‘Will Smith’ or a ‘Barack Obama’…if you’re wealthy enough. "Angry Black man" and "thug" .are such common stereotypes/tropes for BM that they’re almost Hollywood descriptions for castings. A White athlete showing the exact same demeanor would not be called a thug, an ape, and especially not a ni***r. We have a lot of categories we could place a White athlete into in this situation: hyped, exuberant, excited, over-the-top, beast-mode, etc. 

In the end, it’s a game, and—after way too many suggestions to the contrary—even Erin Andrews has said she wasn’t afraid (look at the video again: did she look even remotely sacred?

That’s my 2¢, Here’s Sherman in his own words